About Us


Little Amber Rabbit is an Online Toy Store that was created to provide a range of quality toys that children really engage with, learn from and get inspired by. Encouraging children to play in their own manner, explore their ideas and always be curious about the world around them is a wonderful way to foster creative thinking that will serve your child well throughout their life.


The vast majority of our toys are open ended, something we find greatly important as it prompts children to create their own games and use each toy in a multitude of ways, increasing use, abstract thinking, patience and innovation.


In a world that is increasingly about instant gratification, easy entertainment and constant activity, we’d like to offer an alternative: play that encourages children to enquire, create and explore, all while learning essential skills. We want to give children the tools to grow into engaged thinkers and creators.


We are a very small team and all correspondence is through me, Amber (hi!), I try my best to be available for queries on all platforms and respond promptly, if you have any requests or concerns, pop me an email at littleamberrabbit@gmail.com or a WhatsApp to 062 976 0522 and I’ll see how I can assist you. Each order means a great deal to us and we appreciate every bit of support.