Our range doesn’t feature many plastic products, but it does include some, as many companies are struggling to find viable alternatives for beach toys, art toys and toys for outdoor play. Our plastic products are usually sturdy for maximum use and can be donated once your child grows out of them. We hope to cut down our products that are made predominantly from plastic from about 8% currently to 4% by 2022.


We are not perfect, but we aim to be better with careful deliberation on each purchasing and packing decision. As we do not package the products ourselves, we do not have complete control over how the toys arrive, but we are always looking into suppliers who manage to do things differently and many companies have made great strides in the past few years. We understand that some of our suppliers often have no real alternative to plastic as of yet for both protecting and keeping their toys clean during travel.


When we pack and send out orders, we use wood wool to protect your products, it is a fantastic bio degradable alternative to polystyrene and plastic. We also use sturdy boxes that (most often) can be both reused and recycled. We try and protect each product with Tissue Paper when necessary instead of plastic wrap, it can be reused for crafts and is made from recycled paper. On rare occasions we use bubble wrap for some delicate smaller items that need proper protection, but we are looking into alternatives.


Our gift wrap is made from recyclable brown paper and includes a fabric ribbon that can be reused.


We believe transparency is the best policy so you can make informed decisions about what you buy without the usual marketing smoke and mirrors. We want to always offer a service we believe in and look forward to growing and learning with you, making the best decisions for the environment and our team, while still keeping our business viable.