Dad & Me Face Masks - Shweshwe
Dad & Me Face Masks - Shweshwe

Dad & Me Face Masks - Shweshwe

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This 3 Layer Cotton Face Mask set has been made with a washed soft, 100% cotton Shweshwe print. The Masks have been lined with soft, blue Flannelette, for increased comfort. The fabric and finished product have been thoroughly washed and handled with care.

The Men's Mask features 1 cm width elastic for a sturdy fit, securely positioned behind the neck and head, while the 0.4 cm elastic on the Kid's mask is better suited for children. 

Includes One 3-Layer Men's Mask & One 3-Layer Children's Mask (3 - 8 yrs)

Men's Mask: 32 (fabric across) x 17 (fabric height) cm

Kid's Mask: 17 (Fabric Across) x 10 cm (Fabric Height)

Made by The Stressless Seamstress 

The masks come packaged in a sealed plastic sleeve

Machine Washable