Number Matching Bus - Melissa & Doug
Number Matching Bus - Melissa & Doug
Number Matching Bus - Melissa & Doug

Number Matching Bus - Melissa & Doug

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The ultimate educational vehicle, this wooden numbers bus is super sturdy, has a top that lifts off and number pieces and math symbols to fit through the matching holes. The set also includes cards featuring numbers and equations to match and eventually solve. A toy that can be used by children of different ages and will stay relevant for different stages of learning development as your child grows, this bus is without a doubt a clever investment.

In addition to its educational benefits it's first and foremost a super fun toy for roaming around the house! Its durable construction means the joy will keep going through countless pickups and drop-offs. 

Includes wooden school bus, 10 number pieces, 3 math symbols, and 5 double-sided equation cards

Age: 3 +

29.7 x 12.7 x 10 cm

Discover Countless Ways To Play

  • Help the child count and identify the school supplies on each number (1 pair of scissors, 2 rolls of tape, 3 tubes of glue, etc.).

  • Ask the child to pour the number pieces out of the bus and line them up in order from the smallest number to the largest as quickly as he or she can.

  • Introduce the conept of odd and even numbers: Ask the child to put the pieces in numerical order beginning with zero (0), then slide very other number down so that there are two lines. Explain that the numbers in the top line are even and those in the bottom line are odd.

  • Line up the numbers end-to-end to measure length. For example: Ask the child how many units long is the school bus (5)? How many units tall is it (2)? What else can he or she measure this way?

  • Make a number hunt: Hide the number pieces throughout the play space, then ask the child to push the bus around and pick them up in order.